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Precious Image Creation's Second Skin Swaddle 

Details and Benefits

LD and Postpartum

LD and Postpartum

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Benefits of Precious Image Creations Second Skin Swaddle:

  • Length of front completely covers mom and baby with womb-like enclosure to help regulate baby’s temperature and blood sugar while supporting the breast crawl

  • Non-obstructive design with shorter back section to allows for medical procedures

  • Maintains and facilitates, the movements of the baby for the Breast Crawl:

    • The Center section is an arc cradle to hold baby in position.

    • The breath-through fabric allows the flexibility for the baby to move in the breast crawl.

    • The Upper side of the ARC gives flexible expansion to support the lunge in the breast crawl with neck and head while baby makes lunges and has the spring back retention to support a lunge of 5” from moms breast.

For more Second Skin Swaddle Information, A Simple Solution for a Critical Issue A Garment to Secure Baby in Skin to Skin Contact To Prevent Falls and SUPC Incidents, please see:

How Birthing Centers are using the Second Skin Swaddle:

  • Birthing centers are giving one Swaddle Section to each mom in L&D

  • Swaddles are worn during mom’s entire stay. Nurses say “The Swaddle may get sweaty but dries quickly. A mom has never complained.” (Over a 1000 moms have been observed) 

  • Birthing centers are using Swaddles in OR to position baby. Testimonials from moms have been positive. Moms say the pain level is greatly reduced and they love holding their baby skin to skin immediately after birth. Birthing centers are giving the second section or recommending the second section of the Swaddle for purchase at facility.

  • Dads or caregivers to safely hold the baby during the postpartum stay and afterward

  • Mom can add the second section of the Swaddle for hands free holding

  • Twins need two sections in postpartum and one additional for hands free holding

  • Two sections necessary to enable mom to pump hands free

By providing the Second Skin Swaddle, you not only use Best Practices but promote the Best Care for mom and baby by:


  • Extending skin to skin contact

  • More successful breastfeeding by Preventing falls and SUPC incidents

  • Providing an operational tool for nurses

  • Giving the birthing center a marketing edge

  • Increasing Parent Satisfaction


It would be our honor to partner with you in the advancement and care of mothers and babies


Sylvia Houston,


Phone: 866-979-4320

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