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World Health Organization cites:

"Skin to Skin Contact is the #1 Essential in Newborn Care” by

 reducing mortality”.  The support binder is the only special item needed for Kangaroo Mother Care.  It helps mothers hold their babies safely close to their chest”

WHO “A Practical Guide to Kangaroo Mother Care page 14”

Skin to Skin Baby Contact

We have been providing innovative, safe & secure garments for skin to skin contact more than 20 years

About Precious Image Creations

Sylvia Houston

Precious Image CreationsOffice: Phone: (770) 979-4320
Fax: (770) 979-7037

Precious Image Creations, Inc. was originally created to produce fashionable clothing for moms to discreetly nurse their babies.

In 2001, we learned of the benefits of Skin to Skin Contact.  We immediately began to develop garments for Mom to hold her infant Skin-to-Skin, breastfeed and be hands free.

In 2003, I  met and was mentored by two of the experts in the field of Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care. I was certified in Kangaroo Care by UISKC and have remained active.

Because of the critical need for Skin to Skin Contact in the first week of life, my focus has been to work with Birthing Centers. Our garments have been used by hospitals for over 8 years. The research and development stemming from these associations has led my company to develop a full line of garments for Skin-to-Skin contact use in L&D, OR, NICU, and Postpartum, in the first year of life.


The Second Skin Swaddle is the garment I recommend for all Birthing Centers. 


For more information about Skin to Skin contact go here 


Skin to Skin Baby Care

The critical period for skin to skin contact is immediately after birth and the first weeks of life. Extended periods of holding are needed to receive the full benefits of Skin to Skin Contact.

Precious Image Creations has helped to pioneer Skin to Skin/Kangaroo Care, working with the top National and International Experts, Birthing Centers, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Lactation Consultants.

A total of forty years of research has brought over 4000 articles and studies showing the miracle benefits of Skin to Skin Contact. It is also the major component to successful breastfeeding and bonding, giving life changing benefits for our moms and babies.

Our Mission Statement

To develop garments for moms to discreetly hold their baby skin to skin, breastfeed and pump hands free

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